Our Positions

This page contains examples of our engineering positions. Before you explore the details of our technical vacancies on this page, please make sure you visit our main jobs page first!

Want to contribute to the transition to clean and renewable energy while working in a welcoming and technologicaly challenging environment? We’re hiring! Don’t hesitate to submit a speculative application if you are not attracted to the open positions. We are well-funded, growing fast and always looking for interesting colleagues.

Who are we, and what do we do?

The Solar Monkey Story: Powering a Brighter Future

We are Solar Monkey and our story is one of integrity, innovation, passion, and dedication to a sustainable future.

Our journey

Our journey started at the Technical University of Delft, where a ragtag team of solar enthusiasts came together with a shared vision: to make solar energy accessible and efficient for everyone. We knew that to accomplish this, we needed to revolutionise the way solar businesses operate.

With relentless determination, countless hours of research and missteps, and a commitment to excellence, we developed Solar Monkey, a game-changing software solution that would redefine the solar industry.

For more, see our main About Page.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Solar Monkey, diversity, equity, and inclusion are the cornerstones of our company culture. We’re committed to creating a welcoming, safe space where people of all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences are valued and celebrated.

For more, see our main Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page.

How do we work?

We combine in-person and online communication (through Basecamp & Zoom) – where it might not surprise you that the business side leans toward the former and the development team leans a bit toward the latter form of communication. This enables a very flexible working place. Nobody tells you where or when to work, trusting that you know best how to build on your own strengths. This also means that working remote or part-time remote is common. Most of our developers work a few days a week in the office and the rest from elsewhere.

We have Product Managers and a UX Designer to find out where the value lies and what is viable for the business. For new features and iterations they will team up with a (senior) developer to ensure it is feasible to build, and roughly in what time frame. We then follow Kanban to actually deliver the work. We currently have a weekly release cycle, in which we test and deploy to production. (We do envision that to become true continuous delivery in the coming year.)

Do know that nothing is set in stone, and we strive to optimize for developer friendliness. Do let us know what that would mean for you in your application!

What we offer

  • Lots of impact on our product, our culture and the solar world!
  • Lots of freedom in terms of when and where you work, and how you solve problems. This means we accept fully remote people, as long as you can work in reasonable overlap with our normal (Dutch) business hours. It also means options for 4-day work weeks or shifting around your schedule because the kindergarten is not helping out. (Or just because it gets too hot in the afternoon ;).
  • A healthy workplace where you regularly work the number of hours you signed up for, and where you are able to get 8+ hours of sleep.
  • A fun team that values long-term thinking and self-empowerment and that is eager to continuously improve.
  • We’re a scale-up and can offer a competitive salary for Dutch market standards, depending on your skills and experience of course…. In addition to that we offer Stock Appreciation Rights, so that you can benefit from the growth of the company as well!
  • The chance to learn exciting new things, whether that’s new patterns, picking up a different language, GIS systems or server infrastructure!
  • A study budget of 4% of your base salary
  • We facilitate your pension plan. (We don’t yet match your own contribution, which is something we do want to instate in the future.)
  • 5% Days! A day per month or so we work on whatever we want as developers, and try out new libraries, approaches or other things.
  • We can arrange a visa if you want to come to The Netherlands and fall into the “highly-skilled migrant” category.

Our Positions

Below is a list of engineering positions we regularly open. You are welcome to send in a speculative application if you feel strongly attracted to one of these positions. We are growing and you might come just at the right time!

Engineering Manager

We have an exciting position for an Engineering Manager to manage and grow an existing team of engineers with mixed backgrounds and skills. The mix consists of full-stack, QA, platform and solar engineers.

More details on this position

UX/UI Designer & Product Owner

We are looking for someone to improve the user experience of our application, in combination with managing a part of the backlog. It will involve user research, creating and testing solutions of different fidelities and collaborating with developer to get it build.

More details on this position

Frontend Developer

We are looking for a developer that can help us advance on the frontend. Most of us are full-stackers, but we can do with someone that wants to focus more on our frontend. Our frontend is written in React & Redux, so hopefully that excites you! However, our application isn't that straight forward. It includes an advanced solar panel editor, build with HTML5 Canvas and overlayed on a Leaflet map that shows high resolution aerial photographs. We even correct for view angle distortions in those photos! You will be helping out on adding new features and maintaining and improving the existing functionality.

More details on this position

Research Developer

We are looking for a curious mind who wants to work on state-of-the-art algorithms and software for the prediction of solar energy and related topics. Preferably you have some experience in data science, but an eagerness to learn is what we value most! We run our development shop in Python, but don't require you to come in as a seasoned Pythonista. It is however most important to be familiar with experimental work and to enjoy tackling challenging problems.

More details on this position